The Tariqa Burhaniya in North America

There are Burhani groups in Canada and the USA. Click on the area of your interest for more details. All contact information (address, phone, fax, e-mail) is also available by choosing the prefered language in the home page menue.

Contact in North America


Tariqa Burhaniya Disuqiya Shadhuliya has been established in America since 1977. The Burhaniya in America as well as throughout the world warmly opens its heart and hospitality to all. We encourage and invite all to participate in our weekly schedule of classes, worship and meditation. The classes provide insights toward a deeper understanding of Islam. Subjects include Sufism, Sharia, and Qasida understanding (sufi spiritual poems).

Zawiya New York
252 South 10th Avenue
Mt. Vernon, New York, 10550 U.S.A
Contact: Musa Albedawi
Tel: 1-347-581-3497
Contact: Daoud Surillo
Tel: 1-917-886-6356

Classes and meditation (Hadra) begins every Saturday at 8:00 pm

Zawiya New Jersey
214 Smith Street
Suite 201
Perth Amboy, New Jersey, 08861
Contact: Abdul Mu'min Frans
Tel: 1-732-588-6171

Lessons and Hadra: Sundays, 5 pm; Muraqaba: Fridays, 8 pm


Zawiya Montreal
5377 Place Lucy
Montreal (Quebec)
H3X 1L4
Contact: Marvin Pierre
Tel: 1-514-277-3834

The Tariqa Burhaniya in Canada exists since 1982. Most of the Canadian Burhanis live in Montreal but we are in contact with a dozen or so Burhanis across Canada.

We do Hadra every Saturday evening and meet at the Zawiya for jumaa prayer. Many of the brothers live in the same neighbourhood, so we are able to meet informally very often.